Biggest cop mistakes

Biggest Cop Mistakes:

  1. Stopping a vehicle on the basis of an anonymous call. An officer must have a reasonable belief that the anonymous call is accurate.
  2. Following a driver into his residence without an invitaion or without enough information to justify the entry. Your home is protected under the fourth amendment.
  3. Attempting to base a conviction on statements of a person who is not in court. These constitute hearsay statements and are not admissable.
  4. Detaining a driver longer than is reasonable to investigate. The constitution does not allow officers to hold you without limit.
  5. Stopping a vehicle without an articulable suspicion. An officer can not stop you just because he thinks you are suspicious.
  6. Stopping a vehicle because it stops in the middle of the street or it is driving too slow. Unless there is a specific traffic ordinance you are violating, such as impeding traffic, it is not lawfull for an officer to stop you.
  7. Stopping a vehicle for an improper sign. Street signs and lane markings must comply with the Manual for Uniform Traffic Conrol Devices.
  8. Failing to follow the rules of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation with regard to breath testing. Failing to follow the rules may lead to the exclusion of a chemical test. testing.
  9. Stopping at an improper roadblock. There are guidlines that must be followed to validate the stop.
  10. Stopping a vehicle just to check the driver’s license and registration. There must be an actual traffic violation or an articulable suspicion of a crime.
  11. Stopping a vehicle without being able to identify it as the one actually commitinga traffic infraction. Officers must be able to convince the Court that they stopped the right car.
  12. Stopping a vehicle for no reason at all. It’s done. Officers usually do not show upin Court on these.
  13. Blocking a vehicle’s exit without justification. Officers may not restrict a driversfreedom to leave without a reason.