Job or career effect

DUI Career Implications

There are many obvious consequences of a DUI conviction: jail, probation, community service, suspended driver’s license, heavy fines, etc. But did you know that there is another serious penalty that can result in a DUI conviction? Many drivers are unaware that they can have problems in their career both now and in the future if they are convicted of DUI.

Many citizens who are convicted of DUI find that their current job is at stake. First, a DUI conviction can cause time conflicts with your work schedule. For example, if your driver’s license has been taken away then it could make it difficult for you to get to work. Obviously if you have to serve jail time or community service, this can affect your work schedule.

There have been instances where an employer discovers that an employee has been convicted of a DUI and they decide to fire that person or at the very least exclude them from company activities that involve driving. Some businesses even check your driving record periodically. This is more likely to occur if your job relies heavily on your ability to drive.

If you have been convicted of DUI and you are concerned about notifying your employer, you should first speak with your attorney. Your attorney can go over your legal rights and obligations. It may be decided that you are not required by law to give this information to your employer.

A DUI conviction can also affect your future job opportunities. More and more companies are conducting background checks and driving checks on potential employees. Depending on the company, they may go back a few years or review your entire driving record for as long as your state has your driving history.

If you are a government employee, have a high security clearance job or are in any way affiliated with working with the government, your criminal record and driving history will be checked more often. Such government agencies have access to information other companies would not have access to. It’s important to immediately contact Denny & Mills Law Office if you work with the government in any way.